Local History


Local History

The township was firstly mentioned by a charter in 1216. It was named after a burgher from Moson calledLipold, who used to be the proprietor of the estate. He was granted the territory by King Béla IV. The name of the township was mentioned on several occasions in various charters from the 14-15th centuries onward. For a long time it was the property of the Héderváry family.
In the course of the 1848/49 Revolution and War of Independence the population of Szigetköz joined the army of Lajos Kossuth with enthusiasm.
For the previous centuries Lipót has been renowned as a fishing-village. Together with the sturgeon-sellers of Szigetköz, those of Lipót also possessed a stall of their own in the fish markets of Vienna and Bratislava.
Another significant profession was that of the gold-washing.
The great flood of Szigetköz of 1954 did not spare the village either, and destroyed most of it. As a result it had to be rebuilt on the umpteenth occasion of its history.
A significant change was brought by drilling of the thermal well in 1968.


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